Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy helps children develop the skills needed for communication. Our team of speech-language pathologists includes experts who specialize in:

  • Articulation (pronunciation of sounds)
  • Orofacial myology (how muscles affect breathing, eating and speech)
  • Receptive language (understanding what is being said)
  • Expressive language (communicating thoughts and ideas)
  • Social thinking and pragmatics (understanding body language and tone)
  • Reading, writing and spelling difficulties (learning disabilities)
  • Auditory processing (understanding and following directions)
  • Feeding (chewing and swallowing)

Our therapists weave together a variety of techniques to develop individualized treatment for each child. We have therapists with training in:

  • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
  • TalkTools
  • Kaufman Praxis Therapy
  • The Hanen Approach
  • DIRFloortime and Play Therapy
  • Lindamood-Bell Methods
  • Phono-Graphix
  • The Fast ForWord Program

Many children with speech and language difficulties also benefit from occupational therapy to facilitate tone, body awareness and attention. As we often say, what is happening in the body is happening in the mouth!

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