Happy Tummy Time Baby

Discover, Play, Grow
0-6 month old class forming now!

Happy Tummy Time Baby classes are a healthy start initiative that will provide
a teaching method to facilitate tummy time success that is enjoyable for both
parent and child. This class is specifically designed to meet the unique needs
of infants to promote optimal health, development, and social engagement.
Class sessions will provide an opportunity for interaction among parents and
families as well as to nurture the bond between parent and child.
Location From the comfort of your home (4 zoom

When: Thursdays 12 pm – 1 pm
Bring Favorite toys and a blanket
Cost $60 for 4 sessions
*Limit 4 per class

Happy Baby Belly

A play-based multi-sensory introduction to food Exposure

Exposure to solid foods beginning at 4 months is important for the growth and
development of lifelong healthy eating habits. Happy Baby Belly classes use a
playful approach to introduce new, age-appropriate foods which will allow
babies and parents to experience the joy and developmental benefits of early
food exploration. Class sessions will provide information on easy to make
recipes, recommended utensils and toys, and feeding guidelines to ensure a
safe and enjoyable family mealtime.
Location From the comfort of your home (4 zoom

When: Mondays 1 pm – 2 pm
Who Babies 4 months or older
Cost $60 for 4 sessions
*Limit 4 per class

For registration or more information, please contact
frontoffice@pdcandme.com or call us (301) 869-7505