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June 30, 2020

Dear PDC Community,

Thank you. Thank you to all of the families who helped PDC transition to online services amidst the backdrop of uncertainty. Thank you to all of the families who have newly joined PDC since the shutdown. Thank you to all of our referral sources who continue to recommend PDC to your friends and patients. You all have kept PDC connected to our community and the children have continued to thrive. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

As Phase 2 goes into effect for Montgomery County and other area clinics possibly move
toward staged-reopenings, we wanted to let you know our current thoughts and challenges on reopening our beautiful Silver Spring and Rockville offices. While as a medical center we are permitted to be open, ensuring the safety of our community (staff and families) leads to challenges not experienced in the online environment. PDC feels very strongly that our community is served best when our focus can be on joyfully engaging your child in activities that enhance his/her ability to learn, play, communicate, eat, and move. We are concerned that reopening under the current proposed precautions will make it necessary to redirect our focus away from our primary mission. In the spirit of community, we share our challenges and concerns:

Click HERE to see the full chart.

If Not Now, When?
The PDC administration has faith that the answer to this question will become obvious in time. Guiding the answer will be:

• COVID-19 is no longer an issue
• A safe vaccine is widely distributed
• Local Maryland public schools resume in-person classes
• Insurance companies discontinue coverage of services delivered via teletherapy
• Development of a safe and equitable hybrid (combination onsite-online) model of service delivery

Good Things are Happening at PDC
Just as PDC has always been a leader in delivering exceptional care in our clinics, we have been working hard to develop exceptional care in our new virtual clinic. In the past month, we have outfitted our therapists with high-quality computers, developed online treatment activities, and moved everyone to Zoom to increase connectivity and activity options. In an effort to maintain our community, PDC posts regularly on our Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel, Constant Contact listserv, Pinterest, and website blog. Our posts are content-rich and full of wonderful ideas for families. If you are not yet connected with PDC through social media, we encourage you to do so.

In the next month, you can expect to see:

• PDC’s speaker series for parents to resume online. Please send your topic ideas to
• Launch of the online version of our TummyTime and Happy Belly Baby classes

The Pediatric Development Center considers it an honor and a privilege to serve your family. We are fully committed to reopening our clinics, and we will get there. Until then, we will continue to enhance our virtual clinic to provide the quality care you have come to expect from PDC. For now, we will continue to meet with you in-person, unmasked in our virtual clinic. PDC remains dedicated to helping you discover what is possible now and into the future.

Kind regards,

The PDC Team

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