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In this issue: Autism
Did you know: Occupational therapists help children with autism develop social, play, self-regulation, motor, executive functioning and self-help skills?

Multi-Skill Development:
At the Pediatric Development Center children who have an autism diagnosis often receive speech-language therapy and occupational therapy services. Early intervention is especially important as brain development is most rapid during the first five years of life. However, older children also benefit from therapy intervention.
Teletherapy: We have found huge benefits in using teletherapy for children with autism. Children and families value the routine and structure that weekly appointments provide. To use the approach described above, therapists can now guide the child’s parent/caregiver through the session. This has been tremendously valuable as the child’s parent is now developing the skills needed to engage his or her child in social-play learning activities at home. We are fortunate to have enthusiastic, fun, creative, and skilled therapists who are embracing teletherapy and all of its benefits. For new clients, speech – language and occupational therapy evaluations can also be provided.
If you would like more information on our teletherapy services, please call the Pediatric Development Center: (301) 869-7505 or email us here