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Did you know: Therapists (speech, occupational, and physical therapists) at the Pediatric Development Center can help babies who are behind on achieving developmental milestones. During the first 18 months, skill development rapidly evolves across the following areas:

social engagement

speech and language skill

gross and fine motor skills

play skills

feeding skills – transitioning from nursing to solids

We can also help children with torticollis and congenital conditions that impact development.

Signs of Difficulty:
Limited eye contact or smiling
Limited “back and forth” social engagement
Limited cooing, babbling, first words</span
Not achieving motor milestones as expected
Difficulty tolerating tummy time
Limited exploration or novel interactions with toys
Difficulty nursing or transitioning to purees and table foods
We understand that all children are on their own developmental track, but if your child seems delayed in one or more of these areas early intervention is highly recommended. This is because your baby’s brain is rapidly developing the first three years. Without well developed foundational skills to grow on, your child will have difficulty achieving higher level skills.

For developmental milestone checklists: Click here

Teletherapy: Home is the perfect place to address early developmental challenges. Your child’s therapist can help you engage your child, promote his/her development, and set up the environment to best meet your baby’s needs. Evaluations and therapy sessions can be done via teletherapy. Use this time to help your baby develop the skills he or she needs to engage, explore, and expand his/her horizons.
If you have concerns about your young child’s development, please call the Pediatric Development Center to set up a teletherapy evaluation with one of our skilled speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, or physical therapist.

(301) 869-7505 or email your questions to:

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