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Did you know that breathing is your body’s number one life priority?  Without oxygen your body cannot function properly for sleep, eating, moving, speaking or learning.  Even how the oxygen enters your body is important.  Your nose is designed to clean and warm the air before it travels to the lungs.  When the nasal airway is blocked due to chronic stuffy nose, enlarged adenoids, deviated septum or something else, air is accepted into your body’s back-up breathing system, your mouth.  Your mouth is designed for talking, eating and sending calming messages to the brain, not breathing.  Oxygen from the mouth is unpurified as it reaches the lungs and as a result the body is not able to absorb its nourishment effectively.  To learn more about the impact of mouth breathing on your body, PDC recommends you read Gasp!: Airway Health-The Hidden Path to Wellness by Dr. Michael Gelb and Dr. Howard Hindin.

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