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Through teletherapy, it’s been amazing to see our therapists and parents becoming an even stronger team to aid in the progress of our kids.
“Pediatric Development Center’s tele-therapy has been an amazing experience for my 3 year old daughter! She is still reaching her goals and milestones with the help of her amazing therapists. I love that tele-therapy give my daughter an opportunity to learn new ways to play with toys she already has at home. It is amazing how Rebecca and Tracy can find a way to incorporate my daughter’s toys, regardless of how big or small, into a fun learning activity. It is a major transition for my daughter and the therapist but they have been extremely patient with her. Tele-therapy gives me the peace of mind that she is safe from germs but can also progress as she is quickly growing.”

–Mother of a 3-year-old

“PDC is organized, clean and an amazing practice. The staff is great and caring. We have been going there for many years and I LOVE our wonderful OT. She has a special place in my heart. All the other OTs are wonderful and we have had sessions with many of them. They are highly trained by the director Tracy there, the same goes for speech therapy. Their teletherapy is also amazing, they take insurance for it and you can do it from anywhere. They come up with different ways to make it interesting each time. They work with all kinds of schedules and insurances and their front office is great also”

–Signed, a mom

“I am grateful for having Erin giving speech therapy to my child. He has come a long way receiving the online therapies. He is speaking much more and I am learning a lot of the exercises that he receives. He is happy learning. Erin always emails me the exercises to practice with my child and he is learning to do them in a fun way”

–Mother of a 3-year-old

“I would like to discuss my experience with PDC with you. My three children have been at PDC for just over one year. Each child sees different specialists in a different increments of days per week, however I can say that we are at the center three or more days per week. We’ve had nothing but a amazing experience.

Firstly as a busy parents scheduling appointments can sometimes become a nightmare. But the staff is so easy to speak to you. I either shoot them over a quick email or give them a quick call and there’s no long hold times. I’m transferred to a live representative who can assist me with scheduling all three of my children consecutively. I don’t think I’ve had to stay on a phone call for longer than a few minutes.

The therapist themselves worked tirelessly to advance your children. They really have a vested interest in your children and take pride in seeing them flourish. One of my children’s therapist specifically have become so close with us, we consider her like family. I would say that she even knows my child better than I do in ways I could never understand.

The center itself is wonderful. They have so many different tools, resources,  learning opportunities and obstacle course etc. Your child will be challenged and motivated by all of the different tools and resources they have available.

All in all I would say PDC is a tremendous resource for our children. I would recommend it to anyone who requires occupational, physical or speech therapy.”

— Signed, a mom

“In my opinion, virtual therapies are an excellent choice these days. The sessions have helped my son and he enjoys them very much. The therapists are very good and I am actually happy and grateful with them and the clinic”

–Mother of a 4-year-old

“PDC’s teletherapy has been wonderful for our son. He’s making great progress and always looks forward to his sessions. He’s also having a lot of fun! It’s also provided some much-needed normalcy during this unusual time. We’re pleasantly surprised with how great virtual OT can be and recommend it highly”

–Mother of a 11-year-old

“I wanted to give feedback on our teletherapy sessions we’ve been having with my 8-year old son. He used to see Tracy for PT once a week, but now that he’s not receiving private in-person therapy or school-based therapy sessions, we started doing teletherapy twice a week and we’ve been so impressed with the progress we’ve made thus far. Tracy took inventory of what equipment we had in our home and developed exercises to do with what we have on hand and even has suggested activities with household furniture and toys we wouldn’t have thought of. We get a lot done in one hour and she does the stretches/moves on screen as well so we can make sure we’re doing everything correctly. I’m confident that my son is continuing to make progress and we’re finding new ways to incorporate therapy into our quarantined life! Big thanks to Tracy and PDC for getting teletherapy up and running so quickly!”

—Mother of a 8-year-old