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Hello PDC Families!

First, a huge THANK YOU for all you are doing for your children during these challenging times. We know you have a LOT on your plates and our thoughts are with you.

We need to let you know about a change coming by June 1st to our teletherapy platform.

Based on feedback from our families and therapists, we have decided to start using Zoom as our teletherapy platform. Many children in our area have been using Zoom for school, and this will streamline things for their families. Zoom also offers additional capabilities that, in many cases, will allow us to enrich therapy sessions with even more interactive tools.

Over the next week or so, our therapists and/or our Front Desk teammates will be contacting you, if they haven’t already, with the information you will need to make the switch. In most cases, this won’t be anything more than getting an email with a new link to click for sessions. You may even have a calendar system that works well with Zoom so that you’ll be able to save the link on your regular calendar to make it easy to find each time. Some of you have already done this with your therapists. If so, you don’t have to do anything new!

If you believe you may need extra help making the switch, please let your therapist or our front desk know. We can work with you to make this happen.

If you have been waiting for a while before trying teletherapy, this might be a good time. Some children who are familiar with Zoom from school, may be receptive to this platform, and we may have some openings as schedules move around when clients make changes for the summer. You can reach out to to find a time that works for your family.

Thank you for your continuing partnership!

The Team at PDC


Q: I heard Zoom was not HIPAA compliant. How can you use it for therapy?

A: We are subscribing to “Business Zoom.” This level is HIPAA compliant.

Q: Will my insurance still cover sessions if we are using Zoom?

A: If your insurance has been covering teletherapy, our change to Zoom should not affect your coverage. Some plans only covered teletherapy if you used the particular platform that they prescribed. Some plans have loosened their normal constraints to support subscribers during the public health emergency. If you have concerns, it is always best to consult with your Member Services, but we do not expect any changes to coverage as a result of this move.

Q: Will we be able to use the same accounts our children use for school?

A: We will not be able to use school email accounts to link you to PDC meetings. The school accounts will only connect to school Zoom meetings. That is true both for security and logistics reasons. At the end of the school year, there is no guarantee those email accounts will still work. You will need to provide a personal email account for the Zoom sessions. It can be yours or your childs. If you have already been doing teletherapy with us, you can use the same one.

Some systems (like gmail) make it very easy to integrate Zoom with your gmail or google calendars. If you have a choice of accounts or will be creating a new email account for this, try to pick one of the ones that does. It will make keeping track of Zoom appointments very easy.

Q: I heard there were security issues with Zoom when schools were using it?

A: Zoom has meeting controls that can protect the privacy of the session. When many schools first started, the controls were not as well understood, and some parties took advantage of meetings that did not use all the security features. PDC will be implementing the sessions in a secure way. We will be less likely to have interference because we are working 1:1 or in small groups so it is a lot easier to control who can be in the sessions. Zoom has also made enhancements to increase the security since March. If you would like more details, Zoom provides regular privacy and security updates at this site: HERE

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