Occupational Therapy (OT)

Welcome to Occupational Therapy! Through joyful engagement in meaningful activities, our occupational therapists help children develop the skills they need for participation in play, social, learning and self-help activities. These skills include:

  • Play Skills for playing with toys and pretend play
  • Social Skills for engaging with peers and participating in groups
  • Executive Function Skills for solving problems and completing multi-step tasks
  • Attention and Self-Regulation for task attention and meeting behavioral expectations
  • Gross Motor Skills for playing on a playground and participating in sports
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills for handwriting and operating fasteners
  • Sensory Integration for improved processing and response to sensory input
a child in adults lap. both look at their reflection in a mirror

During occupational therapy sessions, we are constantly striving for children to have “I did it!” moments.

Our team of occupational therapists understands that children learn best when they are socially engaged in fun, meaningful activities that provide a “just right” level of challenge. When engaged in these therapeutic activities, children develop the skills they need to gain mastery of their environment, increase their self-confidence and to strive towards greater independence.

"We go here for OT and PT and both the therapists are are excellent. My 3.5 yo son has multiple brain/CNS tumors and is actively going through chemotherapy (has pain and fatigue symptoms weekly) and they are super professional, take a lot of time to understand him and his condition very well and take a lot of extra time to support all he needs. They even bring things specific to him personally to help him succeed during his sessions. They're not just good therapists they are good people. I've watched many of the other OTs and they are similar but our occupational therapist, and our speech therapist have a special place in my son's heart (and therefore, ours) so we are loyal patients. He's improved significantly in the past 6 months in fine and gross motor and many other parents have commented on how much clearer he is articulating his speech. We love this place so if you're on the fence, definitely check it out."


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