Speech-Language Therapy

Communication is the key to connection. Our team of licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologists creates treatment sessions that enhance children’s ability to develop:

  • Coordination and strength of the mouth for eating, speaking and rest (Orofacial Myology)
  • Receptive and expressive language skills to participate in conversations and play
  • Social thinking skills to read social cues and joyfully engage in play with friends
  • Academic foundations necessary for reading, writing, spelling and success at school
  • Feeding skills to enjoy meals with family and friends
child and adult play with small toys

Our Speech-Language Pathologists embrace a play-based philosophy. Just like communication, play is fluid, reciprocal and social. It is joyful and riddled with natural consequences and challenges.

Speech Therapy sessions are creative, active and engaging. Through play-based sessions, children use flexible thinking and collaboration. Problem solving is hands-on with real life applications. Children use their whole bodies to move and create and explore. Language-learning is relevant and applies to daily living. At PDC, children are central to the interaction. Our therapists meet the child at a level where he/she can participate and achieve joyfully.

Developing language skills through a play and experience-based model allows for natural integration of new skills into everyday life.

"Our speech therapist has been a blessing to our family and has been a fundamental role in our son's success today. She continues to educate my husband and me with different techniques that we implement at home every single day. We were very happy to see an improvement in our son's speech in such a short period of time, but having a special needs child the best results are the ones you get to see "how far you come in time". We are so happy that we can continue to have her by our side in this challenging journey and celebrate together even the smallest accomplishments because they are so rewarding at the end."


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